Longrich Classy Style energy pot(large/medium/Small)
Item No. hazz033dxa (28cm)
Item No. hazz033dxa (24cm)
Item No. hazz033dxa (18cm)

Healthy Eating First Chinese Harmonious Energy: Global Leader in Healthy Products
Cooking without using seasoning, free from the smell of shrimp and fish; No more worry about cooking temperature, longer cooking without loss of nutrients;Clear delicious soup, great food texture.

How to use:
Put the Classy Style Energy Pot on a stove. Add in plain water. The cooking method does not have to follow the sequence of food to be added or the strength of the flame. Close the lid tightly except when removing food that has been cooked. Remove cooked food and dip it in sauce to enjoy the real flavor of food. Spices can also be added as desired. The product can be used on electromagnetic stoves, ovens, electric stoves, solar cookers or gas stoves, but the electromagnetic stove is the best. 
Longrich Classy Style EnergyπCup
Our cup can effectively enhance the function of zinc ions in the water, and when you drink plenty of water you can achieve the purposes of zinc.
Chlorine is a strong oxidant that will destroy the oral mucosa. After boiling water, the chloroform which is formed is a strong carcinogen. The energy cup can effectively degrade residual chlorine in water, reducing injury from chlorine toxicity on the human body.
Small molecules
Ordinary drinking water molecules are not easily absorbed; the energy cup provides good solubility of small molecules of water through carbonization and electronic transfer technology to filter the water.
Weakly alkaline
Acid in body is the source of sickness; drinking alkaline water directly and effectively changes the constitution. The energy cup can regulate the PH value of water to alkaline. This will effectively neutralize excess body acidity.
Negative charge
The energy cup’s unique negative potential technology can eliminate excess free radicals, resulting in anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.
Magnetic activation
High-rise buildings provide the urban population with magnetic shortage problems. The energy cup’s magnetic water activation treatment will enhance bio-magnetic field effects, and activate the energy of human body cells.
The energy cup has a unique formula, it will replenish minerals and trace elements according to the most suitable proportion for your body, and cause an ionic state for the body to absorb.
Drinking water usually does not carry negative ions. The energy cup will deliver more oxygen to the body, making you more dynamic.
Longrich Micro Cluster Water Treatment
Artificial fiber with highest level of particle retention, blocking most:hair、parasiteinsect eggsmudgravelmicrobes、algae

Installing H2O RICH

1.Turn off water supply. Unscrew and remove the aerator from the end of your faucet.
2.Hand tighten the dual thread adapter to the end of your faucet.
3.Hand tighten the diverter to the adapter.
4.Position H2O RICH in a desired location and measure its distance from the faucet . Trim the PE tube with a sharp knife to a length equal to the distance measured.
5.Connect one end of the tube to the diverter and the other end to the inflow fitting at the bottom of H2O RICH.
6.Along the length of tube ,choose a desired position to place the pre-filter. Cut the tube in half at the chosen point.
7.Connect the tube’s opening ends to the fittings with respect to the fittings with respect to the flow direction marked on the pri-filter.
8. Insert the mini faucet into the outflow fitting on the top shroud.
9.Turn on the diverte switch and flush ONLY COLD WATER for 3to 5 minutes. Verify if there is any leakage and the treated water is ready to be served.
*1.Most modern water faucets come with aerator in order to create a no-splashing stream and to deliver a mixture of water and air.
*2.Step 2 can be skipped in the case of faucet with external threads that does not require adapter.
*3.Adapter must be screwed tightly.
*4.PE tube must be cut straight to form a flat end on the tube with knife only.
*5.PE tube must be inserted tightly into fitting and pushed past O-ring to the tube stop.
*6.Diverter switch on (horizontal position)-Treated water. Diverter switch off (vertical position)-Untreated water.


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