Consul General of Nigeria in Shanghai paid a visit to Longrich

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On April 18th, Mr Hon. Anderson N. Madubike,the Consul General of Nigeria in Shanghai, and  Mrs Zainab J. Momodu, the Economic Consul of Nigeria in Shanghai, visited Longrich Group to have an in-depth discussion on the future investment in Nigeria and the project for exhibition which will be held in Shanghai in July this year.

Mr Hon. Anderson N. Madubike (left) , Mrs Zainab J. Momodu (middle) and Chairman Xu (right) posed for a group photo at Longrich.

The group photograph  (From left to right,  Mr Leon Lee 、Mrs Zainab J. Momodu、Mr Hon. Anderson N. Madubike、Chairman Xu、Mr Tao Huang、Mr Wei Gong)


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