LIBA Held Leadership Training Sessions as a follow-up to One Belt One Road Global Summit

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LIBA Held Leadership Training Sessions as a follow-up to One Belt One Road Global Summit

    On September 10, 2017, Longrich International Business Academy (LIBA) held One Belt One Road Global Summit & Leadership Training Sessions at its Number One Makerspace Convention Center. The purposes of this training session are to follow through Longrich global reach strategy unveiled at One Belt One Road Longrich Global Summit. transform discussed strategies  at the Summit into tangible benefits, enhance Longrich global leaders’ capabilities in market expansion and talents development, boost distributors’ morale in global business development, increase Longrich products’ competitiveness and reputation throughout the world.

    In the morning session, LIBA Dean Mr. Gabriel Zhang and a dozen of Longrich leaders provided systematic trainings and experience sharing workshop for Longrich family members from around the world. In the afternoon, Longrich Global R&D Center Vice-President Mr. Harry Cai trained the distributors on color cosmetics. Makeup artist Mr. Song Bing Chen demonstrated how to make up with Longrich cosmetics . Towards the end of the training session, a group photo was taken with Longrich Chairman Mr. Xu Zhiwei, Longrich International Division President Mr. Charlie Chin and all trainers and trainees, in memory of this rewarding occasion.


LIBA Dean Gabriel Zhang gave opened the training session and fired up the participants.


Trainees listened attentively to the speakers.


Longrich Malaysian 3-star Director Mr. ALANX LIM shared his valuable experience and knowledge with the participants 


Ms Gong Lijun shared her valuable success experience as Longrich China 3-star distributor. 


Longrich Philippine 7-diamond Leader RICHARD A. PAREDES electrified the audience with his high powered sharing


Longrich Philippine 7-diamond Distributor OLIVER Y. RONQUILLO shared his business development experience with  high spirit.


Longrich Nigerian 7-diamond distributor OZINNA UMA OBASI shared her great marketing expertise. 


Longrich Ghana 7-diamond distributor ASARE MICHAEL YEBOAH shared his expert network building knowledge.


Longrich South Africa 6-diamond ELSIE M. BALOYI shared her success story


Longrich Indonesia 7-diamond distributor Setianty Limas shared her success story


Longrich Ivory Coast 7-diamond distributor ASSOUAN D. GORAN PACOME shared his success story


Longrich Philippine 5-diamond distributor AMOR C. ENGAO shared his hands-on experience in network marketing Business 


Longrich Global R&D Center Vice- President Dr. Harry Cai  delivered product training on color cosmetics.


Makeup Artist Song Bingchen demonstrated how to make up with Longrich cosmetics


A group photo was taken with Chairman Xu, Charlie Qian  and all trainers and trainees in memory of the great  training sessions.


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