Longrich Week Pictorial(Edition 17.42)

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Longrich Week Pictorial(Edition 17.42)

Picture1: 18thOct,  the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China(NCCPC) was hold

 in Beijing, Xu Zhi Wei, the chairman of Longrich, were watching the meeting on TV.


Picture2: 14th Oct, the Longrich US had successfully held a training 

for the Philippines team in the United States


Picture3: 15thOct, Direct Selling Department in China has organized 

a“Farewell Gathering for Longrich’s 2017 Phuket Travel”


Picture4: 17thOct, Longrich Korea has organized a Welcome Day Event,

hosted by Vice President David Xu.


Picture5: 17thOct, Jiangsu Provincial Commissioner of Work Committee Mr. Cao Hongming, 

Suzhou’sCityCommissioner of Work CommitteeMr. Wang Minsheng, Changshu’s 

City CityCommissioner of Work CommitteeMr. Yu Huiliang along with 30 other 

people visited Longrich City, accompanied by Chairman Xu during their inspection.


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