The Delegation of IFFFMPI (the Philippines) to Visit Longrich Headquarters
2017.4.20  Longrich Group
Recently King Raja, the President of Imperial Federation of Farmers & Fisherman in Mindanao and Palawan, Inc. (IFFFMPI) and Queen Maria together with Ms. Vina, the CEO and Founder of ECOEPI and Mr. Jean-Michel, the CISO of ECOEPI paid a visit to Longrich headquarters. Mr. Xu Zhiwei, the Chairman of Longrich greeted and met with King Raja and his delegation. Both parties had an in-depth talk over the bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas including marine fishery development, eco-agriculture, fruit and wood trade, direct selling and etc. the consensus was reached and the Expression of Interest (EOI) was signed by both parties. Mr. Charlie Chin, the President of Longrich International and Longrich senior distributors Mr. Alanx and Mr. Sun Guoli attended the meeting and witnessed the signature of EOI.In early 1990s, Longrich started its foreign trade by allocating the OEM resources. With the globalization of Longrich, its branches were established in over 28 countries and regions worldwide and products distributed and sold in over 50 countries and regions. 
In the plan for the following three years, the development will be accelerated to have Longrich business cover the countries in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. In 2020, the international market of Longrich is estimated to be expanded to over 100 countries.The delegation of King Raja and Queen Maria visited Longrich high-tech Industrial Park and was amazed and impressed by productivity, R&D, and China’s first German 4.0 Pilot Industrial Project based in Longrich. They think highly of the environmentally-friendly development, management, AI and pursuit of perfection. According to Chairman Xu, the Belt & Road Initiative is a win-win situation for all countries involved to develop and achieve prosperity. In 2017, Longrich will have its business cover 65 countries along the “Belt and Road”. In accordance with the advocates of China’s president Xi Jinping to develop global market, Longrich has been actively engaged in developing its business worldwide and laid a solid foundation over the past 30 years. We have had beautiful and functional headquarters, smart factory, eight R&D centers, OEM/ODM, business in 7 areas, Belt & Road Business coverage, 500 million RMB donations. The IFFFMPI was conceptualized in 2011 and incorporated on 9th June 2016 through the initiative of King Raja Mohammad Ghamar Mamay Hasan Abdurajak and Queen Maria, who are recognized by Muslim, Christian, and Tribal groups and their followers, numbering over 1 million people. The King and Queen have been tirelessly travelling throughout the region of Mindanao and Palawan to monitor the conditions of their people and to unite them and other sultanates under one coalition for peace and prosperity through Food Security and Poverty Alleviation Program and Projects. The IFFFMPI is currently composed of over 200,000 members and 20 cooperatives. 
2017.3.11  Longrich Group
11th Mar 2017, 2017 Longrich Success Seminar was held in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, by Longrich Korean Branch.Despite bad weather and chilly wind, over 160 members came to attend the seminar demonstrating the importance of the seminar and Longrich members’ determination to succeed. 
Malaysian Distributors Took A Great Winter Trip to Suzhou
2017.2.15  Malaysian Longrich
In December, a delegation of distributors from Longrich Malaysian Branch visited Longrich China headquarters and some scenic spots in Suzhou. This brief yet pleasant trip filled the distributors with passion and ambition to start a whole new journey to greater success in the coming year.Over the past 30 years, Longrich, inspired by lofty mission and constant innovation, has evolved into a multi-industry conglomerate that many global health and beauty companies rival with each other to cooperate with. Longrich CNY600M Smart Factory has taken its manufacturing capabilities to new heights.
Great leaders are natural role models for team members to learn from. Ms. Gong Lijun, the founder of Longrich Malaysian Network Marketing System, shared her success story and valuable experience in attaining heights of her career, at a training seminar intended for personal improvement and empowerment.
Longrich Malaysia Branch Held 5th Anniversary Celebration at Kuala Lumpur
2017.1.16  Longrich group
Recently, Longrich Malaysian Branch held its 5th anniversary celebration at Nexus Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur. This big event was well attended by some 1,000 Longrich distributors from Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, etc.The past year of 2016 proves highly fruitful and productive for Longrich Malaysian Branch. Under the leadership of Ms. Gong Lijun and Alanx, Longrich Malaysia forges ahead with its plan to become one of the biggest contributors to Longrich Southeast Asian market growth.
This action-packed celebration, themed on ‘Global Success Driven by Dreams’, consists of Longrich 2017 Market Strategy Briefing, Senior Distributors’ Speeches, Praises and Commendations, Awards Ceremony, Annual Grand MVP Presentation as well as Prize Draw. Outstanding distributors and sales representatives were given the red carpet treatment amid rousing cheers, great songs and lively dances.
Alex Jia, the former General Manager of Longrich Malaysian Branch delivered an impassioned opening speech by encouraging distributors to live out their dreams.
Longrich South Africa Branch Held Annual Kick-Off Meeting
2017.1.8  Longrich group
On January 11, 2017, Longrich South Africa Branch held its Annual Kick-Off Meeting in Johannesburg. The meeting was attended by hundreds of Longrich distributors from South Africa.At the meeting, lavish praise was given to outstanding distributors for their significant contributions to the remarkable success of Longrich South Africa market. Longrich Overseas Market President Charlie Chin provided valuable strategic guidance for future strong growth of Longrich South Africa.
This meeting helps get Longrich South Africa market to a great start, which has boosted Longrich distributors’ confidence. Longrich South Africa Branch will continue to honor its commitment to providing South African people with healthy and beautiful lifestyles, equal opportunities and common success and prosperity.
Longrich Energy Shoes Sales Agency Opens in Malaysia
2016.11.19  Longrich group
Recently, Longrich Malaysia Branch held a great ribbon-cutting ceremony in celebration of the opening of its first Energy Shoes agency store in Ipoh, Malaysia. The ceremony was well attended by prominent leaders and distributors including Longrich senior overseas distributors Alanx Lim, Kclee as well as Longrich Overseas Branch GM Alex, etc.Longrich Energy Shoes Regional Sales Agency Strategy has produced remarkable positive results in terms of branding efforts and overseas market expansion. As its name suggests, the Territorial Sales Agency is dedicated to selling products of a particular brand according to uniform pricing and service standards, which can help agency store owners develop a professional and structured approach to regional market expansion.The regional agency store is a window into Longrich corporate brand, image and culture, which can help improve Longrich brand awareness, increase terminal market coverage, create sales opportunities, enhance brand loyalty, and broaden access to consumer feedback on Longrich products. Regional Sales Agency can also boost sales performance and maximize profits for distributors through eliminating intermediary links. As part of Longrich branding strategy, the Agency Store would play an exemplary role in product demonstration, brand publicity, as well as terminal market price control. Moreover, the Agency would provide a strong foothold for Longrich to develop local market and conduct market research in Ipoh.  In the near future, Longrich will encourage local distributors to establish more sales agencies in Malaysia so as to achieve complete market coverage and greater brand reputation.
2016.11.10  Longrich group
Longrich Nigeria 4th anniversary was held on 29th of October 2016, more than 4000 longrich distributors from Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ghana, Cameroon, Benin Republic and so on came to Lagos to attend the anniversary.Longrich chairman MR. Xu Zhiwei sent a video clip expressing his congratulations and encouragement to all distributors.Longrich International Department Head MR. Charlie Chin give a speech; he thanked all market leaders and revealed the further development of Longrich Company. He introduced the development plans of Longrich Africa market and Global market. Also he said that some new products will be launched into Nigeria market and also hope more people will join Longrich business.
Longrich Held Commendation Conference in Praise of Its Nigerian Distributors
2016.10.17  Longrich group
On 17th October 2016, Longrich held a commendation conference at its headquarters in praise of its outstanding Nigerian distributors. The conference was attended by over 30 Nigerian distributor representatives and Longrich top leadership including Longrich Chairman Mr. Xu Zhiwei, Longrich SVP Charlie Chin and Overseas Market VP Mr. David Xu.Chairman Xu began his speech with a warm welcome to all Nigerian family members. In his speech, he outlined Longrich’s overwhelming competitive advantages over its competitors, with an emphasis on its booming overseas market, Industry 4.0 smart factory as well as its health resort town in embryo. Charlie Chin, in his speech, briefed attendees on Longrich 2017 Growth Strategy, and expressed enormous confidence in Nigerian distributors. Charlie said Nigeria market has maintained a strong momentum for growth in 2016 due to great contribution made by a large number of outstanding Nigerian distributors.Some outstanding distributors received glowing praises at the commendation conference. TITI, the head of Nigerian distributor delegation, delivered an excellent acceptance speech. She shared her experience of cooperating with Longrich, and encouraged newly promoted distributors to make more valuable contributions to Longrich global undertaking. Longrich senior distributor Uneme, together with some new distributor representatives also gave impassioned speeches.Currently, the Longrich exports to Nigeria largely include sanitary napkins, white tea toothpaste, mosquito repellent, mouth spray, among other personal care products. Longrich has come a long way over the past four years since its entry into Nigeria market in 2012. At the present time, Longrich has successfully extended its reach in Nigeria further from Lagos to UYO, IBADAN, etc. Against the backdrop of domestic economy downtrend, Longrich maintains great momentums for sustainable growth due to its overseas market success, which in turn provides strong impetus for its further expansion globally. It’s extremely commendable that Longrich has achieved remarkable growth by leveraging its unique strengths amid macroeconomic slump and fierce foreign rivalry.
Longrich entered Laos technology exhibition
2016.10.12  Longrich Group
On October 12, 2016 science and technology exhibition was held in Vientiane,  Lao prime ministerVientiane provincial governor and the Lao minister of science and technology were invited to attend the opening ceremony.
The founder of magic shoes professor Zhang Biqing and the dean of Longrich International business academy Zhang Zhengda attend this exhibition, dean Zhang Zhengda always attended the exhibition.There are more than 7000 government agency personnel, businessman in Laos attending the exhibition.
Longrich South Korea Branch Celebrated Its 2nd Anniversary
2016.10.11  Longrich Group
The Anniversary Celebration commenced in Inchon on October 11, with a total attendance of some 4,000 Longrich Family Members worldwide. Longrich Global Market President Mr. Zhao Jianhua, Longrich Overseas Market President Mr. Charlie Chin, and Overseas Market VP Mr. David Xu were also in attendance at the convention.Through the congratulatory video, Chairman Xu whished the celebration a great success, extended warm welcome to Longrich distributors and family members, and offered heartfelt thanks for their trust and support. He said Longrich Korean Market has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and Longrich would attach greater importance to Korean Market as always, and at the same time further expand its global reach so as to fulfill its commitment to bringing health and beauty to every family around the world.In his speech, Mr. Zhao Jianhua gave an impassioned speech by looking back on the developmental milestones Longrich Korean Branch has achieved over these years. He gave his sincere thanks to some outstanding distributors for their solid support. He said Longrich Korean Branch has been playing a significant role in Longrich Asian market development plan. Using booming Korean market as a cornerstone, Longrich is embarking on its fast expansion to Japan, Kazakhstan and Northern America.
A special event was held on the Star Cruise anchored at Tsim Sha Tsui
2016.10.10  Longrich Group
Longrich elite members from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Romania and Pakistan got together on Star Cruise and attended the 5-hour wonderful ceremony to releas
e“Longrich Best-seller---A+ plus Energy Shoes”Before the start of the event, the national anthems of three countries were played successively, when the Chinese national anthem was on, every member stood up singing with solemnity. Mr. Alanx Lim shared the advantages of Longrich in the global market, the uniqueness and competiveness of Longrich premium products with all guests, he also stressed the wide recognition of Longrich Energy shoes in the global market and his confidence in the business potential of this great products.
Longrich Held Investment Promotion Conference at Talas Kazakhstan
2016.10.8  Longrich Group
On October 8, Longrich held a successful Investment Promotion Conference at Talas, Kazakhstan. The well-attended conference was packed with high-spirited audience. The leading distributors shared their success stories and great experience of Longrich products in their impassioned speeches. Besides, the pictures and videos shown at the conference provided the attendees with a general outline of Longrich 30th Anniversary Gala Celebration, RMB600M Smart Factory as well as the newly renovated Health Resort.
Longrich Russian Branch Held First Incentive Car Award Ceremony in Kazakhstan
2016.8.8  Longrich Group
On August 6, Longrich Russian Branch held its first incentive car award ceremony in Almaty, Kazakhstan.Longrich Chairman Mr. Xu Zhiwei sent his congratulations to car award winners through a video clip on which he undertook to further expand Greater Russia market in the best interests of Longrich distributors.Longrich Five-Star distributor Ms. Wang Yifei also sent a video clip expressing her congratulations and encouragement to all distributors in Kazakhstan. Indeed, Longrich is an ideal business platform for people who want to achieve success and excellence. And Longrich has helped many ordinary people become extraordinary. Longrich Korean Two-Star director Ms. Li Mingmei made a special trip to this ceremony. She spoke highly of the great efforts made by Longrich Kazakhstan team, and expressed her gratitude for their hardwork and devotion. 
Longrich Business School Dean Mr. Gabriel Chang also attended this ceremony at invitation. He offerred attendees better insight into Longrich company by outlining Longrich 10 advantages over its competitors. His speech was constantly interrupted by thuderous rounds of applauses.
Longrich Malaysia Branch Celebrated 2016 Spring Festival
2016.6.26  Longrich Group
Longrich Malaysian distributors gathered together in Kuala Lumpur-based headquarters from around the country in celebration of Spring Festival 2016. They expressed spring festival greetings to all Longrich family members around the world. Lion dance was performed throughout the celebration in festive mood.
A-Plus Energy Shoes Took Southeast Asia by Storm on Homecoming Days
2016.6.10  Longrich Group
Recently Longrich Malaysia invited 2 Senior distributors Madam Liu Lan Xiang and Mr. Sun Guo Li to conduct presentation and training on thMagic Shoes in conjunction with their Welcoming Day in June and July respectively. This is to help promote the Magic Shoes in the Overseas market. The response was tremendous.A-Plus Energy Shoes have gained widespread acceptance in Malaysia since it is strategically launched as a core product in the local market. This product is the ideal combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern magnetic therapy, thus meeting the local Chinese demand for health and alternative treatment. Mr. Sun Guo L i and Madam Liu Lan Xiang provided full explanation as to how the product works and its benefits as well as tremendous business opportunity it offers, which helps to speed up the A-Plus Energy Shoes growth in the Malaysia market.During these two events, many Longrich family members shared their experience and testimonials in using, selling and marketing A-Plus Energy Shoes. Longrich also encourages all its distributors to seize this opportunity to build their careers on Longrich’s wonderful business platform.
To Develop the US market with Global Resources 
2016.6.4  Longrich Group
As world economic globalization and integration quickens its pace in 21st Century, summoned by the mission of being committed to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle and harboring the ambition to create a “global Longrich, Centurial Longrich ”, Longrich has been actively engaged in the intense competition in the global market to face the new global landscape by keeping up with the times and developing in an innovative way. Longrich has embarked on its international direct selling business since 2012, within only 4 years, the Longrich International market has witnessed an average annual sales increase of over 100% with its branch offices and agencies set up in South Africa, Cameroon, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore and Brunei, and with its products sold to over 60 countries and regions worldwide. The rapid growth of Longrich international market strengthens our confidence and determination to develop the US market.
Mr. Xu Zhiwei, the Chairman of Longrich, Mr. Charlie Chin, the President of Longrich International and Mr. David Xu, the VP of Longrich International paid several visits to the US to conduct on-site researches on the feasibility of setting up the branch office and seek potential cooperation throughout the year of 2015. The location of the office was finalized to be in Los Angeles County, California and Mr. Eric Chang, who has over 30 years of experience in working for world-famous MLM companies as CEO, was appointed as the President of Longrich America Int’l, Inc. to promote Longrich business in the US. The Soft-launch Kick-off ceremony of Longrich America was held in Feb 2016 representing the successful kick-off of its business in the US within six months. 
Since the soft-launch kick-off, the number of distributors has witnessed a steady increase, our potential distributors of different races, from different states and from all walks of life called and visited to ask about joining Longrich, leaders from China, Nigeria and the Philippines find the great potential and can’t wait to develop the US market. Longrich America Int’l, Inc. is committed to building a global business platform to gather world best resources and potential leaders. In June, 2016, the Grand Official Opening Ceremony of Longrich America Int’l, Inc. will be held in LA, by then, Chairman Xu, President Charlie together with leaders from around the world will attend and address the ceremony. In 2016, Longrich plans to purchase a dietary supplement factory with GMP certificate in the United States so as to make its premium service and products readily available to the whole world. Based on the development of the US market, Longrich will further develop the South American market to eventually have our business spread to major countries in the North and South American market.
Longrich Korea Branch LBS (Longrich Business School)/LBU (Longrich Business University)Training
2016.5.4  Longrich Group
In order to help our Korean distributors to grow their business, Longrich initiated from April 12, 2016 its Longrich Business School (LBS) / LBU (Longrich Business University courses. The training sessions will be organized every Tuesday. The LBS training materials can benefit to all regular Longrich members willing to learn basic knowledge about Longrich business but also could help others deepen their understanding of how to build a successful and great achievement with the company including career development, the importance of education and training, explore the successful eight stages of success but also develop presentation skills and selling techniques so as to empower your business.The LBU is an advanced material designed for 5+ Diamond distributors. It contains several features that can help dealer grow a wide range of skills including practicing the direct selling, marketing, coaching, recruiting, products demo, after-sales service, people management, business plan development, leader guidelines formulation and more.Training classroom full of leaders.Mr. David Xu, Longrich VP, who is also the business representative of the South Korean branch together with it GM Mr. Pu expressed their cheerfulness for the successful launch of the training. They encouraged the team to work and promote this great initiative. The orientation session took place on April 12 and the second on April 19, 2016 with a participation of over 100 dealers per class. 
Signing ceremony with sales representative of Longrich Aplus energy shoes for Hong Kong Market 
2016.5.3  Longrich Group
On May 3, 2016, Longrich signed a distribution agreement with Miss Wuwei, who will act as the sales and distribution agent of Longrich Aplus energy shoes in Hong Kong. Charlie Chin, head of the company’s international department as well as other top management members all took part in the signing ceremony. Since its launch in China market last year, the Aplus shoes have seduced a large number of clients and quickly became a must have product thus its entry in Hong Kong market today. 
Korea Longrich Celebration Meeting
2016.3.4-5  Longrich Group
On March 4 and 5, 2016, Longrich Korea Branch held a grand celebration meeting that gathered about 300 distributors at the International Research Institute of Hongik University. David Xu, Longrich representative director of Longrich Korea made a summary of the year 2015 and drew a business development map for 2016. He extended his congratulations for the great achievements made by the Korean office in 2015. The meeting boosted the confidence of all attendees and motivated new members to join the business. We believe that Longrich Korea will similarly perform well in 2016.
First Gathering of Longrich Taiwan for the year 2016!
2016.2.27  Longrich Group
The first gathering event for this 2016 spring period of our team in Taiwan took place in Pingtung county, in the southern part of the island. Participants from all over Taiwan joined Mr. Charlie Chin, the head of Longrich International Department, Mr. ALanx, Business Leader from Malaysia, Taiwan branch executive director Lin Murong (the couple), as well as several other distributors were present that day.   
2016.2.20  Longrich Group
Longrich Philippines celebrated its ‘Night of Legends’ Longrich Awards 2016 last 20th of February 2016 in Manila Hotel. Hosted by Ms. Maricar Reyes – Poon, Filipino Actress, Model and general practitioner and Mr. Slater Young big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited 2012; this exciting event was attended by a crowd of 3000 people, making it one of the biggest Longrich Awarding for any networking company in the Philippines so far.
The Anniversary celebration kicked off with Welcoming speech by 7 Diamond Director Mr. Rich Paredes followed by inspiring speeches by International leaders Ms. Dianne Gong and Sir Alanx Lim and President of Longrich International, Sir Charlie Chin on the opportunities and vision of Longrich as one of the top leading brands and leading networking company worldwide.
Longrich Awards 2016 was also graced by performances by top artist Markki Stroem, Ms. Angeline Quinto and Rico Blanco ; making this event one not to be forgotten. The highlight of the event which was rewarding the achievers for their achievements for the past year brought hope and inspiration to the audience that dreams are made possible with hardwork here in Longrich. Loud cheers filled the hall when three new Car Awardee were awarded to the top leaders.


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