The President of the direct selling international zone of longliqi in Garner

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The President of the direct selling international zone of longliqi in Garner

  Late July 2017 is just the end of the rainy season in Ghana,a country in West African.During this time,Mr Junbiao Qian,the president of direct marketing international visited the branch company in Ghana.Mr Qian investigated the market in Ghana and supervised the work in the branch company.

  In the morning of July 26th,Mr Qian and the manager of Ghana branch company Shenghua Chen and leader Solomon,Andy had a joint visit with the Second Lady of Ghana.They also thanked the madam for attending the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Ghana branch company in June 10th and gave the lady energy necklace which is the new product of the branch company as a gift.The Second Lady highly commended and approved for our products,and she said that Longrich could providing employment platforms for the young women in Ghana.


  Mr. Qian jun, President of the international division, gave a new energy necklace to the second lady and took a group photo.


  That afternoon,Mr Qian and other people went to south of the Capital Accra and met Dr Henry who is the Member of Parliament in Ghana.They thanked Dr Henry for his attention and support to Longrich business and they together discussed the market development and management standardization, etc.After then,they gave a special product of our company which is called snake wine to Dr Henry as a present,they also tasted another wine with the attendfees and the office workers.


  Qian Zong a pedestrian with senator Henry (left 3) and his assistant (right 1 and right 2).

  On the morning of July 27, the chief of the money was in the office of the President of the largest hospital in Ghana. He met with the President of amor, who was in charge of public health in Ghana and worked part-time in the African union health department. He expressed highly praise and recognition for our products, he has been committed to the use of the hospital system to promote the part of our products, and are willing to use its resources for hospital, on poetry and calcium tablet for clinical trials, the two models and analysis report issued by authority.

  Qian Zong thanks the dean and his wife for the support of our cause and hope that there will be further cooperation in public health projects and we will vigorously support public health projects and activities.


  The President, Mr. Qian jun biao, and his associates will discuss public health cooperation with the President and his assistants.


  The President of the international department, Mr. Qian jun biao, gave a new energy necklace to the President of ammer (left) and took a photo with him.


  The chief of the money group took a photo with President amo (left 4) and his assistant.

  In the morning of July 27, at the end of the morning after the leaders of the Ghana branch meeting.

  The President, Mr. Qian jun biao, went to the hotel in Accra, the capital of Ghana, to hold a conference on FTP and new products of the lonlichghana branch.

  At the same time, the meeting also commended Mr. Solomon, the newly promoted one-star manager, and the dealer who met the 2017 Chinese tour.


  Mr. Qian jun, President of the international department, delivered a speech at the meeting.


  President Mr Chan g puma (second left) is a new promotion manager Mr Solomon (third left), a week to commend, and ms TITI with Africa big leaders (second from right), Solomon's wife (right) and Nigeria online.


  Honored members of the 2017 Chinese tour dealers take a group photo.

  At the July of 28, Mr President, the total money, painstakingly, drove nearly three hours, to the peripheral city, eriksson, visited o eriksson bo factory, listen to the report, understand the status of the local market development, and the follow-up work plan and guidance.


  Mr. Qian jun, President of the international division, took a group photo with Mr. Agama (right), the agent of akunbo.


  The President of the international division, Mr. Qian jun biao, posed for a photo with the main backbone of akamatbo agency.



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